Japan Animal Therapy Association is to provide the community safe and effective Animal Assisted Therapy. We want to build a wonderful bridge linking the hearts of people and dogs.

Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Qualification

animal assisted therapy dog

We provide therapy dog certification. This certification is required for all dogs that collaborate with the association in order to continue our work safely.

*All fees below do not include taxes.

Exams Qualification

  • Dogs over 8 months old.
  • Gender does not matter.
  • Vaccinated.
  • Must be house trained.

Passing Criterion

  • Dogs must not be bothered by being touched by anyone in any place
  • Must be able to get along with other dogs.
  • Must be able to “sit” and “stay.” (“lie down” also, if possible)
  • Does not bark for no reason.
  • Does not jump on people.

Skill Practice

  • Practice at association designated site.
  • Practice time: about 30 minutes.


  • Exam Fee: 5,000 JPY (8,000 JPY for each makeup test)
  • Registration Fee: 25,000  JPY
  • Total: 30,000  JPY
  • Dog tag for a certified animal assisted therapy dog
    • 4,500 JPY for a large-sized dog
    • 3,500 JPY for a middle and small-sized dog


JATA( Specified Nonprofit Corporation Japan Animal Therapy Association) will issue your dog a certificate of therapy dog.

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