Japan Animal Therapy Association is to provide the community safe and effective Animal Assisted Therapy. We want to build a wonderful bridge linking the hearts of people and dogs.

Dog Caregiver Qualification

We provide training and certification for animal caregivers.

Dogs cannot use words to communicate with us, but Animal Caregivers  come to their rescue by applying fundamental knowledge of the animals to quickly ascertain their needs and wants.  It is no exaggeration to say that a dog’s entire future may hinge on the abilities of the Animal Caregiver.

The work of an Animal Caregiver is for those who feel a sense of mission, responsibility and purpose in helping other living beings.



Terms for qualification candidates

  •   1 year’s residence
  •   1 day off each week, study period 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  •   Room, heat and electricity and consumption tax included:  441,000 JPY (36,750 JPY per month × 12)  Cooking facilities available

Class time

  • 20 hours(including instruction occurring in tandem with practicals)

Practical training

  • 1000 hours  (6 to 12 months)

Skills learned

  • You will learn the names, characteristics and countries of origin for 40 different breeds of dogs.
  • You will study the fundamentals of veterinary care: (1) illnesses (2) symptoms (3) treatment (4) care (5) medicine and (6) infectious diseases of domestic animals, etc.
  • Urination and defecation, varieties and treatment
  • Health examinations
  • Brightness of eyes, moistness of nose, appetite, types of food, etc.
  • Practical training from cross-breeding through pregnancy and birth
  • Care from birth through weaning
  • Fundamentals of training and discipline (housebreaking, issues such as barking, jumping up, biting, etc.)
  • Assessing a dog’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Choosing a veterinarian
  • Canine behavior
  • How to discern lineage and conduct cross-breeding (including practical          experience in artificial insemination)
  • How to purchase and raise puppies


Course fees:   445,000 JPY

Housing expenses:   441,000 JPY

Total: 886,000 yen



Class time

  • 10 hours (including instruction occurring in tandem with practicals)

Practical training

  • 1000 hours (6 to 12 months)


Total:195,000 JPY


For those certified as Animal Caregivers.

Certified instructors will be registered as special lecturers of the association, and will be asked to give a variety of lectures.



Veterinarians and clinics throughout the country are in need of Animal Care Specialists.  Animal clinics are said to be able to smoothly handle 3-4 times the usual number of operations if they have a Animal Care Specialist present.  We will look at the responsibilties involved.

Terms for qualification candidates

  • 2 years’ residence
  • 1 day off per week, study period 9:00 am – 6:00 p.m. (basic)
  • Room, heat and electricity and consumption tax included: 480,000 JPY (20,000 JPY per month × 24)
  • Cooking facilities available

Skills learned

  • Inserting catheters (for blood collection and intravenous drip)
  • Taking x-ray exams
  • How to use medicines
  • Recording case notes
  • Preparing for operations
  • Proper manner and verbal communication, from reception through case management
  • Reading electrocardiograms
  • How to correctly and thoroughly comprehend and communicate a dog’s condition


Course fees:   940,000 JPY

Housing expenses:   480,000 JPY

Total: 1,460,000 JPY

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