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animal assisted therapy at elderly nursing home

“From encounters with dogs come encounters with people, and from this healing of the mind begins.”

Dog owners who believe in this idea can contribute to aged society, helping to spread “the healing of minds”, “a circle of people” and “harmony between people and dogs”. JATA aims to be a circle of friends who can share the joy found in creating this kind of world.

“Help the world as much as we can through volunteer activity with dogs”

We look forward to working with anyone who supports this idea.

 Contact us from here, please. 


  1. We are welcome all who like our activities ! (4 years old to adults)
  2. Those who do not own a dog can also join.
  3. The joining fee (first year) and annual membership fee are needed, please.

Regular membership

  • Initial fee
    • 3,000 JPY /  one unit
  • Annual Membership fee
    • 12,000 JPY /  one unit

Junior membership A( Junior high and Senior high school students )

  • Initial fee
    • 1,500 JPY /  one unit
  • Annual Membership fee
    • 6,000 JPY /  one unit

Junior membership B( Elementary school students)

  • Annual Membership fee
    • 3,000 JPY /  one unit

Company membership

  • Annual Membership fee
    • 70,000 JPY /  one unit

Membership benefits

The association’s original newsletter delivered four times per year (free).Written only in Japanese

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