Japan Animal Therapy Association is to provide the community safe and effective Animal Assisted Therapy. We want to build a wonderful bridge linking the hearts of people and dogs.


Our activities are run thanks to by everyone’s donations. We rely on your ongoing support in order to continue offering stable and fulfilling activities.


We appreciate your donation via GlobalGiving, the biggest crowdfunding platform!

JATA is a member of the biggest crowdfunding platform in the world, GlobalGiving.

JATA’s Page
We offer 3 projects.

1. Stray dogs become therapy dogs
2. Renewal of birds room with soundproof
3. We need activities funds for therapy dogs in summer

If you donate through GlobalGiving, you can donate us much more easily than before, using credit card, paypal, and so on.
We would appreciate your help to the projects you like!



  1. Please contact Japan Animal Therapy Association first. We will send you the necessary information for donation.
  2. Please pay your donation directly into the JATA bank account.
  3. We request that you contact the association confirming your donation.
  4. After confirmation of receipt, the association will send you the necessary processing documents.(Alternatively these can be collected from the office.)
  5. Please fill in the forms and return them to the association.
  6. Once the association receives the forms, the process is complete.
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