Council Member Introductions

Shinichiro Terayama

(President, Shin Terayama Office, Ltd.)

Councilor of Findhorn Foundation (Scotland). Director of ISSSEEM. Vice chief director of Japan Weller Than Well Society. Former executive director of Japan Holistic Medical Society.


Manabu Kamio

(Representative, Research Center for Energy, Medicine and Education)

Completed graduate studies at Tokyo University (physical education). After doing research in physical education and health habits, his quest has encompassed the study and propagation of Theosophy and esoteric religions, and currently centers on theories of civilization.


Kyoko Arakawa

(Veterinarian, D.V.M)

Born in Tokyo. Graduate of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, in veterinary studies. A veterinarian and doctor of veterinary medicine. Dr. Arakawa has conducted experimental research in genotoxicity, mycosis, and parisitology at national laboratories and research foundations.


Shinetsu Ohshita

(Managing Director, “Preparing for Success in the 21st Century”)

Managing Director of “Preparing for Success in the 21st Century.” Promoter of Green Owner Project. Publishes poems, haiku and haiga (haiku painting) under the name Ryusui Kotaki. Consultant to Shin Nihon Bungei Kyoukai (an arts and letters association). Representative director of Cosmic Forum Co.


Yoshihiko Yagyu

(Chairman of the Board, Shodoshima Healthy Land Co., Ltd. and Director, NPO Olive Life and Culture Research Laboratory)

Chairman of the Board, Shodoshima Healthy Land Co., Ltd. Director, NPO Olive Life and Culture Research Laboratory. Supervisor, Seiai Social Welfare Service Corporation. Director, NPO Artbiotop.

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