Japan Animal Therapy Association is to provide the community safe and effective Animal Assisted Therapy. We want to build a wonderful bridge linking the hearts of people and dogs.


Our Activities

The association takes part in the following activities:

  1. Guidance on etiquette for dog owners
  2. Dog obedience training classes
  3. Consultations regarding anything related to dogs
  4. Visits to homes for the aged with therapy dogs
  5. Visits to nursing homes with therapy dogs
  6. Visits to kindergartens and elementary schools with therapy dogs
  7. Inspections of various international animal therapy associations
  8. Exchanges with various international animal therapy associations
  9. Training of 10,000 animal-assisted therapists
  10. Training of 10,000 therapy dogs
  11. Recruitment of 10,000 supporters (association members)
  12. Courses and certified examinations for qualifications related to dog training and animal therapy


Standard House Dog Obedience Training

We¬†offer standard house dog obedience training. We equip pets with the discipline required in owners’ homes and lives.

Any dog can be a therapy dog with the proper training. At least 3 months is required for training. Payments must be prepaid in full. Please note that in the event that you stop training early, no part of your fee can be returned. Japanese language only.


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