Japan Animal Therapy Association is to provide the community safe and effective Animal Assisted Therapy. We want to build a wonderful bridge linking the hearts of people and dogs.
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  • Animal assisted therapy


Japan Animal Therapy Association dog training ground at Mishima, Japan, 2016

Japan Animal Therapy Association dog training ground in Mishima, Japan, Jan.1., 2016

Hello, dear friends. We are Japan Animal Therapy Association (JATA).

We have a wish – which we would like all of you in the world to know and share.

We love dogs. As many of you may already know, they have a great healing power. Our wish is to convey that power to the people who need it!

With the help of our 10,000 members, we are willing to be able to soothe the minds of the people who are at institutions.

For that purpose, we are willing to form a circle of 10,000 kind-hearted animal therapists.

We aim to train 10,000 animal therapy dogs and let harmony prevail between people and dogs.


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